Obama to Promise Free Gas, Free Houses


Or so supporter Peggy Joseph seems to think (via Instapundit):

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  1. Sometimes I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry …

  2. somebody please give a synopsis of the video for those of us who can’t watch


    Or something.

  4. Well, isn’t that special.

  5. I won’t have to worry about putting gas my car, because I’ll be taking the government-supplied bus.

    I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgage, because I’ll be living in my government-supplied apartment.

  6. Typical Obamamaniac

    Something for everyone, a comedy tonight!

  7. “I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car, I won’t have to pay my mortgage”

  8. TallDave,

    random question – do you post on talkpolywell.com? perhaps coincidentally, there is someone there who uses your same name – just curious…

  9. Ah, the desire for true bibertarian leadership manifests itself.


  11. Oh sweet! I’m putting everything on the credit card until 1/20/09, and from then on, it’s smooth sailing.

  12. domo,

    Yep, that’s me. I also show up on PhysicsForums now and then.

    Did you see the news on the Navy solicitations for ion guns and plasma density measuring equipement? Dr. Nebel says this is just keeping them busy till a major decision is made, but it’s still good to see something is happening.

  13. Crap, I’ve got my speakers plugged into my iPod, so I can’t hear the audio.

    So, the question remains: do I continue my listening pleasure of the Golden Palominos retrospective or do I plug the speakers back into the PC and listen to a witless moron?

  14. do I plug the speakers back into the PC and listen to a witless moron?

    “I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car, I won’t have to pay my mortgage”

  15. also “… if i help him, he’s gonna help me.”

  16. so if I don’t have to worry about gas or my mortgage, when can I expect the feds to pay for my cell phone and cable bills?

  17. TallDave,

    cool – I just joined there. I am no physicist, but was an engineer before I was an economist and am trying to get my head around some of the challenges. Didn’t see the news. It’s probably a long shot – but when a breakthrough happens, it’s usually on long shots like the polywell. See you around!

  18. “I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car, I won’t have to pay my mortgage… if i help him, he’s gonna help me”

    I love democracy. Who wants to be there the day she discovers that her pony died in transit and is starting to smell the place up?

    Nah…that’s just expecting way too much cognition from her.

  19. Is that woman daft? President Environment HopeandChange would never give gasoline away. She must be thinking of some alcohol product from the farmers.

  20. Why are we interpreting “don’t have to worry” to mean “free”? Sure I think she is all too giddy with religious fervor, but even that does not equate with “free” stuff. I heard this on Glenn Beck this morning and he gave the same interpretation which I think reads into it a bit much.

  21. “I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car, I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgage” (to correct the ppl above who left out the worrying in the second part).

    Clearly she meant that Obama’s enlightened and realistic policies will invigorate the economy and minimize injustice in the distribution of resources, so that she and her family (won’t anyone think of the children?) will be easily able to pay their expenses, and not have to worry anymore.

    What other possible interpretation is there?

  22. What other possible interpretation is there?

    She is dumber than a toad, for one.

  23. Why are we interpreting “don’t have to worry” to mean “free”?

    I don’t think anybody is doing that.

    With Hope and Change, everything will taste better too!

  24. “minimize injustice in the distribution of resources”

    You mean the injustice of the successful being more successful than the unsuccessful? The hard working being more successful than the lazy? How dare anyone get more than me just because they earned it?

  25. Why are we interpreting “don’t have to worry” to mean “free”?

    Oh, but of course, she must mean that under the new administration there will be a resurgance of full-serve gas stations so she can stay in the car as it is filled, windows cleaned, etc.

  26. Did they leave off the “paid for by the committe to elect John McCain” disclaimer?

  27. So, under the Obamabiden Hopeandchange fuel for all plan, just how much gas does each consumer get? Is it rationed fairly proportioned per driver or per vehicle?

    When I return from abroad I could totally be a nice guy who will go fill my vehicles up so that others don’t have to wait in line. If I keep the resales down under $250,000 the government will give me extra money for that service too, right?

  28. Hahaha, Silentz, I LOVE how you put that:

    You mean the injustice of the successful being more successful than the unsuccessful.

    I want to make a liberal say that ten times fast ..

  29. I agree with those who said her comments don’t imply that these things will be free. Like everyone, this voter seems very concerned about making basic payments – for gasoline, for her mortage, and she feels like Obama offers solutions to these problems. I feel the same way.

  30. And I hate to make the obvious point, but it’s kind of obvious one of the reasons she felt so enthused (as if with religious fervor, as one commenter put it) about Obama’s speech was because it was exciting for her, as a black woman, to see a potential black president. If you were black, you would feel exactly the same way. So give her a break, and be nice.

  31. Of course she expects it to be free, that’s why she won’t have to worry about it. As long as gas or houses COST MONEY, you have to “worry” about it. Now he might not make gas free, but he’ll be handing her a nice check (regardless of whether she pays fed income tax or NOT).

  32. jake, if that’s why she was enthused, then she should say so. Just admit it, “I like him because he has black skin”. Instead they delude themselves with this fantasy that their finances will be magically fixed because he’s in the white house. It’s insane, doesn’t deserve a break.

  33. And I hate to make the obvious point,

    But you will anyway. Thanks. The discourse benefited greatly from that.

    If you were black, you would feel exactly the same way.

    Ah, good old racial pandering! I’ve seen plenty of whities act this way too. I can’t tell you how ridiculous some of them looked the day of the infomercial, looking forward to it like kids at Christmas.

  34. I’ll bet she thought O.J. was innocent, too.

  35. This fits with my opinion of people who attend Obama rallies. To be fair, though, I think attendees of McCain rallies are damn rednecks.

  36. “If you were black, you’d feel exactly the same way”
    I’m dark, so does that mean I should feel partially the same way? Does a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach count?

  37. ed 3:32,
    Was your comment racist? Yes. True? I’ll give a probability of 98%.

  38. Dammit, shouldn’t have watched the video. How I have to clean puke off my desk.

  39. I did not watch the video but it reminds me of myself in 2000 when I was running around saying Bush would bring limited government, gun rights and integrity back to the Whitehouse.

  40. While I have no problem with parents taking kids out of school for vacations, work, or because the teachers piss them off, what sadistic bitch would take her kids out of school to drag them to a presidential rally?

  41. TrickyVic,

  42. Some white people for McCain are just as stupid only in a different way.


  43. Give her a break. Women used to scream and faint at Beatle concerts. It’s a strange phenomenon but it’s at work with Mr. obama. He does possess that certain je ne sais quoi.

  44. That was one sexist post. You also forgot the s on Beatles and the capital O in Obama.

  45. “I don’t have to worry about paying my mortgage”
    I’m sure the bank has something to say about that.

  46. Free markets.
    Free blacks.
    Free black markets.

    Someone put this in order, please.

  47. I am betting she is in for a rude awakening.
    Most Obama supporters after 4 years will finally get it or the will be in complete denial.

  48. This is just another example of how rumormongering works ESPECIALLY when the facts prove the rumor wrong. She does NOT say she won’t have to pay for gas or mortgage. She says she won’t have to worry. As in she’ll be better off economically. Anyone who watches knows that. And yet the vast majority of comments ignore the facts and just pile on the lies. I thought people at Reason.com would be more, oh, I dunno, more Reason-able? more reality-based?

  49. ahhh the liberals are so quick to defend this intelligent Obama supporter. To those who think she was championing Obama’s economic plan – let me axe you a question? Why does she then go on to say if she supports him then he is gonna support her? Yeah, thats how the free market works not socialism. Point set match now sit down and enjoy the 4 yrs you just voted in.

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