Black Rage


In response to an audience member question, unfunny comedian Lewis Black sputters that government is awesome and Amtrak is terrific because his father worked in D.C. and his father was a good guy; because Enron collapsed and was, after all, a private company; and he growls something about "it" not being "Clinton's fault that he picked a schmuck." Or something. It's incoherent and joke-free, but the Upper West Side audience laps it up as the questioner—the only moron sitting in the TimeWarner Center at Columbus Circle who believes in free markets!—is put in his place. Here's the video (via Breitbart):

When asked about his political affiliation, Black told this website that "I'm a socialist, so that puts me totally outside any concept … the Canadians get it. But seriously, most people don't get it. The idea of capping people's income just scares people." Of course, I expect that Comrade Black is donating a Canadian portion of his millions to the government, so as to set a good example to the rest of the comedic bourgeoisie.