Headline of the Day (Granted It's Not Even 10 O'Clock): "Surviving members of Grateful Dead rock for Obama"


The full article includes this shlocky showbiz-style endorsement from Mickey Hart:

"I believe him enough to be able to get up in front of my constituency, these people out there," Hart said, pointing out the door to his dressing room, "and tell them 'I believe.' That's really important. The Grateful Dead does not take this lightly. We've never really done something quite like this."

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Remember back when the Grateful Dead whooped it up with Al and Tipper Gore (late of the Parents Music Resource Center, which saw Satan everywhere in rawk music)? That might not have been hell in a bucket, but it was a real load of horseshit.

Love or hate their music, the Grateful Dead have always been great hippie capitalists. Read why in this great essay by reason's own Brian Doherty.