Register Now for Reason Goes Hollywood, November 14-15! Speakers Include Drew Carey, Bjorn Lomborg, and Rep. Jeff Flake!


Lights! Camera! Action!

Reason Goes Hollywood!
Nothing captures the American imagination like Hollywood—and now, lovers of liberty will gather on the Walk of Fame to explore the ways in which film and freedom converge. Come find out more about the future of American cinema—and join in the party of the year as we celebrate Reason's 40th anniversary!
What: Reason Goes Hollywood! and 40 Years of Reason Gala Dinner
When: Friday, November 14 and Saturday, November 15.
Where: Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood, California

The event will be emceed by Price Is Right and host Drew Carey and speakers include Skeptical Environmentalist author Bjorn Lomborg, Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), and many Reason all-stars. 

Registration for Reason Goes Hollywood is open to all, but space is limited. Sponsorship opportunities are available. If you would like to sponsor the event or have any questions, please contact Jennifer Kambara at, or (310) 391-2245.

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  1. Is this going to be broadcast on C-SPAN?

  2. What’s with the Illuminati monster?

  3. What’s with the Illuminati monster?
    they did hide the tentacles though

  4. Is that ad available as a poster?

  5. Confirmed speakers include … Reason all-stars.

    The brass band or the baseball team?

  6. The Reason All-Stars? are the confirmed sneakers for the conference. They are like Converse except they are made from the skins of endangered animal species instead of canvas, and are manufactured cheaply in a sweatshop run by IllegalImmigrantWorkers who are overseen by an oppressive robber baron capitalist. All the proceeds of the sale of Reason All-Stars? will go to fund hookers and blow for the staff of Reason throughout the conference, and not to some needy, shiftless poor people who are just looking for government handouts.

  7. Will there be free screenings of the documentary “Red Dawn”?

  8. How did Daze post at 4:27pm? Are you from the future?

  9. Date stamp sixstring

  10. SIV-

    Better check the milk and eggs I guess. (Did you know that your carton of eggs has a date stamp, but that it is coded not by month/day, but by the number of days since day 365 of last year? Learned that yesterday. Rule of thumb is don’t use eggs more than 5 weeks old) Still, not bad for a Monday…

  11. I’ve never seen a refrigerated, store bought,unbroken egg go bad yet. When I was poor I think I ate some past 3 months.

  12. The older they are, the better they boil and peel.
    Always use old eggs for egg salad.
    The end.

  13. Those libruhtarians who aren’t familiar with Hwd – such as those commuting from their bunker in Norco – will be in for a treat. After the Reason event, make sure and get on the bus to go get your free personality test.

  14. Thanks to smacky, there is a Converse Ad on the right sidebar

  15. Are there special tickets for poor students? Tickets without the meal? Most of your young readers can’t afford the hundreds of dollars cost. I suppose that a libertarian event’s seats should just go to the highest bidder, but the hotness level will really go down.

  16. $750 a pop?? Wtf, what if the girl I happen to be bringing is damn hot, isn’t there an eye-candy discount?

  17. Reason means “reason” the same way that Pravda means “truth.”

    Thinking you can urn the state into a force for good is like thinking you can turn the mafia into a charity if only the right people are in charge or the right policies are adopted.

  18. “Reason means ‘reason’ the same way that Pravda means ‘truth.'”

    OK, everyone take a shot of vodka.

  19. $750 a ticket? I propose we hijack this thread to a discussion of old eggs.

  20. $750 a ticket? I propose we hijack this thread to a discussion of old eggs.

    Old eggs, Barbra Streisand, same difference.

  21. Damn, this broke-ass former reason intern can’t even afford to drive to CA from AZ, let alone afford $750. Hot damn! Shit, I even interned for Flake, too.

    Maybe is those internships on my resume could help my get a damn job, I’d be able to afford to go out there.


    I just threw away a month old carton yesterday! You’re telling me I threw away a bunch of potentially great hard-boiled eggs? Goddamnit!

    Can one of you time stamp me back to yesterday?

  22. “What’s with the Illuminati monster?”

    Looks like my belly button hernia. I even call it my ‘third eye’.

  23. Two days ago I went to the zoo. I saw many different animals. The best were the otters. Otters are fucking cool. I don’t think they lay eggs though. Duck-billed platypusses do lay eggs. They are like the otters of Australia. Otters are probably cooler to hang out with though. I wouldn’t enjoy eating platypus eggs very much.

  24. Eggs, submerge them in water:

    If they lay flat on the bottom, they are fresh.

    If the large end points up, they are starting to go (egg salad)

    If they float in water, throw them away.

    Also, if you spin them on the counter and then stop them and release: If they continue to spin slightly or move, they are uncooked. If they are hard-boiled they will just sit still.

    /damn egg council creeps

  25. If the eggs jump out of the container and start frying themselves on your counter top, open your refrigerator and check to see if Zuul is there.

  26. I climbed to an eagle nest and ate the egg. I still lost the campeonato.

  27. Long-Cooked Eggs

    These are awesome. And 4 hours is perfect. Use very fresh eggs. Creamy, dreamy, awesome.

  28. Can’t go. Not happy, either. I really, really, wanted to at least make the dinner.

  29. Eggs have gotten a bad rap lately, Smithers

  30. Love the poster design. Totally Saul Bass.

  31. Wow, great list.

    This is almost enough for me to endure airport security. Almost…

    Bring me one in Chicago, guys. I’ll even provide the after-party brownies.

    Hope there’s a webcast for this one.

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