George McGovern

George McGovern, Union Buster


Ladies and Gentlemen, George McGovern.

If you need a refresher on EFCA, and how unions expect President Obama and his congressional supermajority to get 'er done, my mid-year take is here. McGovern's involvement isn't a surprise to anyone who's been following his recent career, though. In March, he blasted "economic paternalism" that was making it harder to run a small business. In the summer he started attacking EFCA. Hence his appearance in this ad by the Center for Union Facts.

But… is it an effective ad? As Barack Obama might say, he was 11 years old when McGovern ran for president. This is more of a curiosity than a blistering attack, but it gives me the cover to post some of these gonzo ads from his 1972 race and performance-art 1984 race.