Advice for the Upcoming VP Debate


Old hands at public speaking tell nervous newbies to picture their audience naked. But will the advice work in reverse? I know I'm not alone in being anxious that at Thursday's vice presidential debate Gov. Sarah Palin will embarrass herself, Sen. John McCain, and possibly America in a manner so spectacular, so horrifying that the American electoral system will never recover. Perhaps the best way for me (and others) to deal with our nervousness is to imagine Palin naked?

Having trouble conjuring the image on your own? There's always the fine artwork of Bruce Elliott, on display in the Old Town Ale House on Chicago's North Side, a bar owned by his wife, which depicts Gov. Palin standing on a bear rug in nothing but red high heels.

From the bar's website: "This is a laid back watering hole, the likes of which you don't see much in Chicago anymore. The neighborhood is gentrified. The Ale House is anything but." God bless America.

See the SFW version at right. Go here and scroll to the bottom for the NSFW version.

The ever-falling level of American political discourse thanks you for the tip, Baylen Linnekin.