If at First You Don't Succeed, Suspend Suspend Again


William Kristol, the Weekly Standard editor and New York Times columnist who has been a John McCain ideologist for more than a decade now, has the most unintentionally hilarious post-bailout-failure recommendation you'll read this week:

It's time for McCain to act decisively, and to lead, as he did with the surge. […]

McCain should lead-by re-suspending his campaign (fine, let observers mock him when he announces this), and leading his party and the Congress towards a solution.

In other Standard commentary, Dean Barnett is not impressed with "The Mike Pence doctrinaires who welcome a free market curative like a Depression for our current woes." More:

I guess they view it as sort of the economic equivalent of that stuff your drink the night before a colonoscopy. As misguided as Pence and his minions are, they at least have a certain nobility complementing their foolishness. I would be remiss if I didn't note that a significant subdivision of the Pence camp rejects the counsel of virtually everyone who knows anything about economics and instead believes that our current situation isn't so dire. Call it conservative magical thinking.