Bill Clinton, the New Will Rogers (Who Has Never Met a Republican He Didn't Like)


Former President (and perhaps future First Dude in the year 2525, if man is still alive…) Bill Clinton weighs in on Sarah Barracuda and the Palin clan's appeal:

"I come from Arkansas, I get why she's hot out there," Clinton said. "Why she's doing well."

Speaking to reporters before his Clinton Global Initiative meeting, the former president described Palin's appeal by adding, "People look at her, and they say, 'All those kids. Something that happens in everybody's family. I'm glad she loves her daughter and she's not ashamed of her. Glad that girl's going around with her boyfriend. Glad they're going to get married.'"

Clinton said voters would think, "I like that little Down syndrome kid. One of them lives down the street. They're wonderful children. They're wonderful people. And I like the idea that this guy does those long-distance races. Stayed in the race for 500 miles with a broken arm. My kind of guy."

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It's been a strange week for the Sage of Chappaqua. He's been busy praising his wife and John McCain on Good Morning America, The View (McCain has "given something in life the rest of us can't match"), and Late Night with David Letterman. New York Times Charles M. Blow summarized that latter appearance thusly:

Bill Clinton was a guest of the David Letterman show last night where he gave a tepid endorsement of Barack Obama. The next guest was Chris Rock who is genetically incapable of being tepid. He gave a near-belligerent excoriation of Clinton's performance:

"Is it me, or he [Clinton] didn't want to say the name Barack Obama? He did not … He went through everything he could do … "Well like Hillary would want to do with the economy…" Hillary ain't running. Hillary's not running. What the hell?"

If everybody hates Chris, he apparently doesn't care. He makes an interesting point. Why is the Clintons' support of Obama so tepid and muted? Some openly speculate that they want Obama to lose so that Hillary will have a better shot in 2012. I have no idea if that is true, but the more they withhold their enthusiasm for Obama, the more they give their supporters license to do the same.

Not to worry, Democratic Party members. The Wash Post reports that once his global initiative's four-day meeting wraps up soon, "Clinton said he will be busy campaigning for the Democratic ticket of Sens. Barack Obama and Joe Biden."

Actual Will Rogers quote on Republicans: "Democrats never agree on anything, that's why they're Democrats. If they agreed with each other, they would be Republicans."

Strange 1972 Time bit about Will Rogers.


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  1. Has Will Rogers ghost met Henry Paulson?

  2. WTF happened to the comments?

    Let’s make a trade–give us the comments, and you can keep the fucking pop-up ads.

  3. “Democrats never agree on anything, that’s why they’re Democrats.”

    I don’t know, they did agree to fuck up the economy then agreed to blame it on free markets.–o

    Note: I do not agree with this video’s anti-immigrant flash or Vote for McCain ad…everything else it seems to get right.

  4. Why is the Clintons’ support of Obama so tepid and muted?

    Why shouldn’t it be? What’s in it for them if he wins?

  5. I read the 1972 article, and my reaction was “is tv repairman still a job?”

  6. The lil’ McCain beneath the giant Sarah Palin head in the ad on the right side of the screen is kinda scary.

  7. Why is the Clintons’ support of Obama so tepid and muted? Some openly speculate that they want Obama to lose so that Hillary will have a better shot in 2012.

    That would include me.
    I’m a cynical bastard.
    Life made me that way.

  8. Bill knows a MILF when he sees one.

  9. Clinton is second only to Kirk in pussy-hounding.

  10. Yeah, but when Clinton fucks an alien, she’s just the hotel maid, not something with a lime green pussy.

    I hope.

  11. I wouldn’t be too sure of that, henry. Clinton ain’t too discriminatin’, if you know what I mean.

  12. The Clintons have already begun their 2012 campaign. Don’t think it takes a genius to see that.

  13. I have to admit that I see that picture of Bill Clinton, and even now, 8 years later, I get angry.

    If there’s one thing I’d like the President of the US to do it’s set a good example for the young. You don’t just blow something randomly…

    After all, how am I going to tell my students that they should keep their fingers on the keys at all times when they see the _President of the United States_ holding his hand at a weird angle no true saxophonist would ever employ?

    And his cheeks.. look, they just don’t ripple like that if you can actually play. That’s why you spend countless hours playing long tones. So your oral cavity doesn’t spasm continuously, and adversely affect your tone. I guess Bill Clinton was a bit too busy becoming President of the United States to worry about little details like that though.

    And his tone.. like a goose being fucked by a duck, actually. How can I explain this to my students? “He sounds like a goose being fucked by a duck” was my first try, actually, but many of my young male students pointed out that if they were able to get free blowjobs and be President while playing that badly… they were probably practicing the wrong thing.

    I then demonstrated that I could tongue eighth notes at 240 bpm and explained a few of the applications, and they realized that being the President isn’t the only important thing in the world.. still.. close call for my students. Some of them almost entered politics rather than becoming musicians.

  14. I just wanted to say that dpsc’s various flights of fancy on this and other threads have not gone unread or unappreciated.

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