"Reason is, far and away, my favourite magazine of all time"


Lookie here at what P.M. Jaworski of Canada's terrific Western Standard wrote about reason just today:

Reason is, far and away, my favourite magazine of all time. (Somewhere in my basement, there's a stack of Reason magazines from the late 1970s until the 1990s.)

One reason to think so highly of Reason is this: They are only partisan to an ideal, and not to a political party. They don't shy away from covering "fringe" candidates, if they express a "free minds, free markets" attitude–which just happens to be the magazine's slogan. And they don't shy away from bashing big names in the big parties, even if it might mean fewer subscribers.

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Here are some recent reason features on various political figures; those of you who subscribe will soon receive a whole palette of candidate coverage in our special November election issue, including a forum asking whether libertarians can hold out any hope for Barack Obama, and a Q&A with Libertarian Party candidate Bob Barr.

April 2008: In Search of the Perfect Human, Peter Bagge's horrific first-person reportage of the New Hampshire primaries.

February 2008: Scenes From the Ron Paul Revolution, by Brian Doherty.

December 2007: The Liberal Candidate, David Weigel's surprising profile of Rudy Giuliani.

April 2007: Be Afraid of President McCain, by Matt Welch.

Also well worth a read, our February 2005 survey of the seven biggest hopes and fears for George W. Bush's second term, featuring commentary from Virginia Postrel, Ron Paul, Tyler Cowen, Glenn Reynolds, Bob Barr, and more.

And one thing we do at least every four years, and will be repeating again this year, is have our staff (and members of the broader reason-friendly universe) reveal who they're gonna vote for, and why. It's a principle of warts-and-all openness that we take seriously, while challenging our industry colleagues to do the same.

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