1968 Was a Very Good Year. Make 2008 an Even Better One by Supporting Reason Now!


Some good things that happened in 1968: LBJ announced he wouldn't run for reelection; Hair opened up on Broadway, sounding the death knell for hippies; Bob Beaman won the long jump at the Mexico City Olympics in a phenomenal record-setting performance; The Beatles released what became known as The White Album.

Some notable births in 1968: Lucy Lawless, Tony Hawk, Traci Lords, Vanilla Ice, and reason magazine.

Since that first issue of reason appeared 40 years ago, one of our hallmarks—whether in print, online, or video—has been to offer a true libertarian alternative that challenges and transcends the conventional, played-out politics of right vs. left, liberal vs. conservative, Kang vs. Kodos.

That's why we're surely the only magazine that's been praised by both Rush Limbaugh ("a magazine for everybody….a good, good magazine") and Bill Moyers ("Month in and month out, you won't read a smarter magazine").

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Like no one else, reason challenges the settled views of conservatives and liberals like Limbaugh and Moyers, and we help create the next generation of libertarians through our principled case for individual liberty in all aspects of human activity.

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