"I'm Joe Biden and I Disapprove of Barack Obama Approving That Ad About McCain Being Too Old…"


The Barack Obama campaign released this pretty good ad, "Still," mocking John McCain for being old and out of it. It showcases, in political ad-ese, that the Arizona straight-talker can't send emails and wore really awful (read: totally popular) eyeglasses in the 1980s, and sometimes rides around on golf carts like a…a…70-year-old man and, worst of all, pals around with President George W. Bush.

Here's the ad, which has all the punch of a late-round Gerry Cooney (and I don't mean that in a bad way):

The McCain campaign's faux outrage at the ageism of the commercial—a spokesperson condemned it "shameless and dishonorable" blah blah blah—was topped by Obama's ticketmate, Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.), who told Katie Couric:

"I thought that was terrible by the way…If I'd have had anything to do with it, we never would have done it."

Biden later pulled a page from Bob Dole's '96 campaign playbook and later admitted he'd never seen the ad in question (those of us who slept through Dole's sad-sack run a dozen years ago will recall the Kansan was wont to criticize movies he never bothered to watch).

Here's Biden talking with Couric on what I guess is an Amtrak train. Or, quite simply, the least convincing rear-projection scene since that episode of My Three Sons where Uncle Charlie goes back to harness racing for one last hurrah (oh, the humanity).

Joe Biden, to be sure, is one politician who never fails to entertain, whether he's saying paying taxes is patriotic, remembering his blue-collar roots, or asking crippled supporters to stand up and be recognized. (Well, he does fail to entertain when he's pushing idiotic legislation such as The RAVE Act.)

In any case, there's no way out this election: As Who Do You Hate '08 reminds us, any way you vote, you'll either be sexist, racist, ageist, or…Bidenist.