Forty More Years! Forty More Years!


The opening sentence of my book about John McCain, written while I was a staffer at the Los Angeles Times, reads as follows:

Thanks first and foremost to Nick Gillespie, editor of Reason, which for my money is the best and most consistently interesting political magazine in the United States.

It's still true! And one of the many reasons why is that, unlike just about every other magazine of political opinion, reason doesn't have a governing team to root–or apologize–for. We make our personal Declaration of Independence every day, which cycles us in and out of partisan favor, as you might be able to listen to in real time today when I go on Hugh Hewitt's radio show at 4:30 EDT.

Another way we put our money where our mouth is: After decades of preaching openness, free exchange, and the embrace of new technologies, reason become one of the first (and still one of the few) political weblogs in its class to allow and encourage unfiltered comments. As the immortal MikeP put it just this morning, "Reason not only lets me read and learn and support the course of liberty: It's a place where I can play as well."

Enjoy the playground? Click here to see all the ways you can donate, and all the goodies you'll get, aside from the warm glow of supporting journalism that won't leave you feeling yucky the morning after.

Speaking of new technology, here's a quick clip of me explaining how the reason approach to reporting is so useful, and invigorating.