Attn. D.C. Area Reasonoids: Figure out "Who Deserves the Libertarian & Conservative Vote" Tonight at 6:30 p.m.


Over at the Fund for American Studies (1706 New Hampshire Ave., NW), I will be co-pondering that question tonight with Atlantic blogger Megan McArdle, and the National Review's David Freddoso, author of The Case Against Barack Obama: The Unlikely Rise and Unexamined Agenda of the Media's Favorite Candidate (see his book and mine reviewed together by W. James Antle III over at The American Conservative.) The shindig is organized by the America's Future Foundation. Drinks begin at 6:30, the panel goes from 7, the cost is free for AFF members and $5 for interlopers. RSVP to


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  1. Will this be a McCain/Palin vs. Barr/Root debate? If so, any libertarian has got to be pretty damned happy with where we’ve come to.

    Imagine, 3 out of 4 of the the LP and GOP candidates for President and Vice-President are libertarians: Two Republican-leaning Libertarians, and the other a libertarian-leaning Republican whose a former attendee of local Libertairan Party meetings.

  2. “Who Deserves the Libertarian & Conservative Vote”

    In the great libertarian tradition of hopeless candidates, the ugliest, most boring old fuck you can dredge up. Bob Barr! Go Bob!

  3. Will this be a McCain/Palin vs. Barr/Root debate? If so, any libertarian has got to be pretty damned happy with where we’ve come to.

    Please! Why would any self-respecting cosmotarian vote for those nasty old barbarians and neanderthals?

    Of course we’ll be voting Obama!

    Hope and Change ’08!

  4. Who Deserves the Libertarian & Conservative Vote

    The conservatives can all ride the Straight Talk Express Bus to Hell as far as I care. As for the libertarian vote, there’s a two-faced carpetbagger with a long history of leading the growth of government power, abuse, and regulation, and then there are a number of less attractive candidates.

  5. Warren – way to be productive!

    Boo Barr! Yay………?????

  6. Personally, I’m voting for Obama. His graphic designer is the best!

  7. Personally, I like freedom FROM the government, so I will not vote for a socialist who thinks the government should run everyone’s lives.

  8. The Angry Optimist,
    Your moniker sums up my feelings well. I’ll be voting for Barr. I’ve actually been quite happy with his campaign rhetoric, even as I doubt his sincerity. I will sleep well knowing that I voted against the self-serving son of a bitch about to bring woe and fear upon the county that got elected.

  9. I’ve been very happy with Bob Barr’s rhetoric, and I do think he is sincere, but I wish we were hearing said rhetoric more often, here in Missouri I have never seen a bob Barr sign or add, if it weren’t for the internet I might not even know that he existed.

  10. This is the same Eric Dondero who spent the primary season trying to convince every one that his ex-employer Ron Paul was the devil incarnate while waxing poetic about how the “libertarian” Rudy Giuliani was going to save us from Hillary Clinton.

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