Electoral Snapshot: Red States Getting Redder, Blue States Getting Purpler…


Newsweek's Andrew Romano writes that the race for electoral votes still favors Sen. Barack Obama over Sen. John McCain, but it tightening up:

A campaign that once boasted about redrawing the electoral map by targeting an unprecedented 18 battlegrounds has been forced to focus on a more familiar swath of states—and even play defense in places it had hoped to win easily. In the last week, the Red States have gotten redder—and the Blue States have gotten purpler….

It's not all doom and gloom for Obama. So far this month, he's seems to have solidified his narrow margin in Michigan and New Hampshire (states McCain is hoping to flip) while expanding his edges in the Bush states of Iowa and Colorado, where he now leads by 9.7 percent and 2.3 percent, respectively. If he wins these states in November—along with Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Wisconsin and New Mexico—he wins the White House.

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