The Friday Political Thread: Pigs on a Wing


Unconvincing Quote of the Week
"I predict that Sen. Obama will win and win pretty handily."
– First Gentleman wannabe Bill Clinton

The Week in Brief
– Ron Paul told his supporters to vote for a third party candidate, and told the big two parties to open the debates.
– Paul belatedly asked for Montana supporters to take him off the presidential ballot.
– Bob Barr went elsewhere.
– Sarah Palin (finally) met the press.
– The nightmare of election day started to take hideous form.
This happened.

Below the Fold
– Hendrik Hertzberg gets a few last licks into Mitt Romney's risible convention speech.
– John Dickerson dismisses the McCain anti-earmark campaign.
– Roger Ebert hops on the anti-Palin bus.
– Jake Tapper offers a challenge.
– Phil Klein reminds Republicans of when they didn't like frothy celebrity.
– Richard Spencer sighs at Ron Paul's decision.

The return of Politics and Prog should be self-explanatory.