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Politics, formerly Campaigns & Elections, has an interesting story on Libertarian Party candidate Bob Barr. Some snippets:

We wander back out into the club's lobby, and Barr tells me that he hopes my story displays a respect for third-party candidates. Then, before I leave, I ask one last, intentionally provocative question. If, just theoretically, he had no choice but to vote for either McCain or Obama, who would he pull the lever for? I'm met with a completely unamused, bespectacled glare, and then Barr sharply proclaims that he could not "in good conscience" cast a ballot for either one of them. "I have better things to do with my vote that was bought with the blood of many, many patriots over the years [than] to simply hold my nose and vote for the lesser of two evils."…

"We're seeing Barr pick up several fragments of the vote," says John Zogby, president and CEO of Zogby International. "He's getting more traditional conservatives-libertarian conservatives, who would have gone Republican otherwise, and still might come home. But it's clear they're disaffected with Bush, and some have become disaffected from the Republican Party after the scandals, high deficits, the Patriot Act, and other elements. So do I think Barr will get 4 to 6 percent overall? No, but could he make the difference in some states? Yes, absolutely."…

"I don't think Bob Barr will have any impact on the race," says Stuart Rothenberg, editor and publisher of the Rothenberg Political Report, a nonpartisan newsletter that analyzes American political campaigns. "I think that people who vote for Barr would not have voted for John McCain under any circumstances. So these are Bob Barr voters, and if he's not on the ballot, then they're staying home."

Whole thing (including cameo by reason's own Matt Welch!), here.

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  1. Politics Magazine?? Oh swell, now dozens of people will be exposed to the LP and its message of freedom and individual autonomy.

    Wasn’t Barr the figurehead of the great compromise reform movement that was going to make the LP palatable to the MSM and reap millions of votes?

  2. Baldwin is going to spoil the vote for Barr!

  3. I think that people who vote for Barr would not have voted for John McCain under any circumstances

    I would disagree with that, especially “Under any circumstances.” Absent a choice to vote for Barr, it would probably be a split, with the “cosmo” tarians going for BO, and the “Paleo” types going for JMc.

  4. Paul makes himself look like kook by associating with Chuck “On a mission from God” Baldwin.

    From Baldwin’s wikipedia entry: “Baldwin is known as a staunch opponent of what he calls the “New World Order”, the “North American Union” and amnesty for illegal immigrants. Baldwin has suggested reopening the investigation into the September 11, 2001 attacks, believing that the 9/11 Truth Movement have a right to have their theories investigated, including the possibility of U.S. government involvement in the attacks.”

    Q:What does that have to do with limited gov’t?
    A: Absolutely nothing.

  5. I second what Warren said, wasn’t Barr supposed to be the “mainstream” Libertarian politician everyone was waiting for?

    Seriously, does anyone see that (libertarianism becoming mainstream, legitimate) EVER happening? And if so, what would bring it about? Maybe the two major parties slowly and separately drifting away from their strongest pro-freedom positions? Oh wait…

  6. Former United Stated Senator from Alaska:
    Maurice Robert “Mike” Gravel

    Got history cred?

  7. “does anyone see that (libertarianism becoming mainstream, legitimate) EVER happening? And if so, what would bring it about?”

    Educating smarter, not harder. But I’ve said too much already. (Actually, I think it is happening, albeit in slow-motion. And it won’t soon go beyond a large minority. Exertion of power is just too simple and therefore tempting.)

  8. We have to do something different now that the government is no more than a figure head like the Queen of England. The purpose of Congress and the Senate has become to introduce and pass legislation and regulation on behalf of special interests. The purpose of the President is to sign it into law.

    As the media reports on lipstick this week, Congressional leaders are trying to add another 550,000 green cards to the 1 million they already have planned for 2009 on behalf of their corporate sponsors.

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