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Couldn't Have Happened to a More Deserving Airline


From the Washington Post:

A six-year-old article mistakenly seen by Bloomberg financial news users yesterday reported the bankruptcy of United Airlines and triggered a massive sell-off that nearly obliterated the company's stock in a matter of minutes.

Link via Wonkette.

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  1. Speculators and big brokerages causing panics because they can’t read a date on an article is a clear instance of market failure. The federal government needs to seize control of all news organizations and institute a standardized font size and placement for correct dating.

  2. Or maybe “Wouldn’t have been much of a surprise!”

  3. Attention all NORAD personnel. Listen to me very carefully.
    Do not Google “incoming Russian ICBMs.” That is all.

  4. I don’t see any mention of this at CNN. Are you pulling our collective leg?

  5. Hee hee, this is what’s called market sentiment.

    I dream of the day every single goddamn analyst is unemployed from the major news networks and back where they belong, devining people’s futures from pig intestines.

  6. Now if it were US Airways, that would actually be rather cool. They seem to have moral equivalency “issues”, and would deserve such a treatment. United, not so much.

  7. Hey, don’t mock my future divination technique! It’s not as easy as it looks. Everyone focuses on the liver … like that’s the only organ.

  8. It’s a conspiracy- round up the short sellers!

  9. I’d have to agree with Other Matt: US Airways is the more deserving airline.

  10. Does that mean that when everyone realizes that it is false, everyone will buy it back? Is now a good time to be investing in United Airlines?

  11. Everyone did buy it back, the same day.
    It’s trading only a little lower than before the fiasco, last time I looked.

  12. Oh, that’s funny as hell. Millions of investors lose money because the MSM doesn’t fact check.

    The airline didn’t lose any money, just little people mostly.

  13. Damn, a serious missed opportunity to make a freakin’ mint. Imagine the profits if you bought at the low, and then held while the stock regained its equilibrium?

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