Bells for Carol


My adopted hometown of Washington, D.C., is trembling from a minor political earthquake: the defeat of iconic city council member Carol Schwartz. First elected in 1984 to D.C.'s lone Republican seat*, a near-miss candidate for mayor in 1994 (defeated by comeback kid Marion Barry), and the bulwark against the city's smoking ban, Schwartz has been ousted by 32-year old newcomer Patrick Mara, about whom the only thing I know is that he wants more bike lines.

*Mega-Democratic D.C. has an at-large seat that always goes to a Republican, in order to balance out the all-Democratic council.

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  1. Pretty amazing!

    *Full disclosure: born at Bethesda Naval Hospital, mother and child return to the Belleview projects (long torn down) within 48 hours.

    Again, pretty amazing!

  2. Hell rearranges its demons.

  3. Thanks to those straight-shooters in Congress, we can rename those damn bike lanes as gun lanes, where we can tow our howitzers.

  4. Finally – I’ve been demanding gun lanes for years.

  5. This is good news for Andrew Sullivan, I seem to remember he’s big on bike riding.

    No that’s not some kind of anti-homo slur.

  6. No kidding.

    That woman was an institution.

    That’s really too bad, she played an important role, and played it well.

  7. That’s really too bad, she played an important role, and played it well.

    Really? Her job was about as important as Elanor Holmes Norton and had about as many accomplishments.

    Schwartz was the ultimate affirmative action candidate.

  8. Kolohe,
    That’s real damn cold.

    But probably true.

    Speaking of Norton, Washington D.C. should never be represented in Congress. Ever.

  9. Correction,
    should never have voting representation in Congress.

  10. There is no Republican seat on DC city council its a “minority” party. Of the four at large seats one party can only hold two. Which means Mara will have to fight off independents and Greens for the seat. Catania holds one seat (I) and it’s not up this year. With Schwartz out there’s a good chance Mara faces a challenge for the seat roughly 19% are registered indy, Green or such and only about 7% R’s.

  11. I want more bike lines too. It makes it easier to line up on them as they speed through every red light and stop sign.

  12. I’m not sure I follow, Kolohe.

    The Washington City Council is just like the City Council of every other city. They write the budget, amend the municipal code, do constituent service…all the regular City Council stuff.

  13. Glad Carol Schwartz is gone, should have been gone been around for 40 years,how innovative can she be. Leave gracefully and stop making a fool of yourself.

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