Sexy Sarah, What Have You Done?


Columnist Ron Hart says Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's sex appeal is a big part of her persona:

Gov. Palin is a stellar pick who will energize the GOP base (I know that she energized my base when I met her). This is clearly the case, because the left is scrambling to tear her down.

To me, Palin resembles one of those naughty librarians in a Cinemax movie—that I never watch. She is just one insignificant male prompting away from pulling her hair clip out, shaking her hair down and doing the Dewey Decimal System dance for him.

My guess is, and it is only theory at this point, that guys will dig her. She combines substance and sex appeal. I have found that if one of these traits does not appeal to a man, the other one will. When you have both, as she does, it is a winning combination.

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Indeed, even the openly anti-Republican host of last night's MTV Video Music Awards, Brit wad Russel Brand, dubbed Palin a VILF on the way to dropping more bombs than George Bush has on Baghdad (and the hard-core SCTV fan[s] out there, Brand dropped more bombs than McLean Stevenson had TV shows).

However understandable all of this might be, the mingling of sex and politics bothers me, whether it was back in the day hearing about Bill Clinton's emanations, or more-current talk about Barack Obama, or the common appearance-based putdowns about Hillary Clinton, etc. I know that Hank Kissinger is famous for the line that "power is the ultimate aphrodisiac" and all that (though I keep dreaming that there weren't enough nuclear bombs on the planet to make Kissinger look good in a Speedo) and that power corrupts and sexual power corrupts absolutely, but for the love of Warren G. Harding, can't we wall off politics from sex, if only for the rest of the hour?

Non-obligatory Joe Biden ("vital" not sexy) equal-time mention here.