O'Reilly v. O'Bama


According to this story from Michael Wolff, Barack Obama had a Johnny Sack-style sit down with News Corp's Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes, wherein they brokered some sort of truce. If my occasional viewing of Fox News is any indication, I'm not sure exactly what was required on Fox's end; they are, after all, as hostile to Obama now as anytime in the recent past. But I suspect that, whatever the details of the discussion, the broader mission was to get Obama to submit to an interview with Fox's resident pitbull, Bill O'Reilly. Part one aired last night and O'Reilly was, by turns, deferential and caustic. Full credit to Obama, though, for dishing it right back.

Also, not being a regular viewer of The O'Reilly Factor, I was unaware that Papa Bear (now) believes that Iraq was the "wrong battlefield."