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Ohio Eminent Domain Case Ends


Here's the close to a precedent-setting eminent domain case from Ohio:

The owner of the lone house standing in the middle of the 11-acre site that was the focus of a landmark eminent-domain case has sold his property to Rookwood Partners for $1.25 million.

Joe Horney's sale of his vacant rental house ends a long legal battle that drew national attention, and clears the way for development of the site, located on prime real estate at Edwards and Edmondson roads.

Horney, who bought the house for $63,900 in 1991, was the last of the 71 property owners on the site to sell to Rookwood Partners. The developer spent more than $20 million for the other properties and tore down all the buildings, leaving only Horney's boarded-up home and detached garage….

The [Ohio] high court ruled that it was illegal for Norwood to use eminent domain for private economic development.

As a result, Ohio approved a law last year that places more restrictions on the use of eminent domain.

The court decision also influenced other court rulings and legislation throughout the nation….

The $1.25 million is almost twice what Rookwood Partners paid for the property of Sanae Ichikawa-Burton and Matthew Burton, the second-to-last holdouts to sell.

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