Just When I Wonder If I'm Too Hard on Treehuggers


…they pull something like this.

Emotional Hippies—Crying Over Dead Trees—Watch more free videos

I love trees, too. But my goodness.

I was very skeptical of the authenticity of this video, and remain mildly so. But Syndee L'ome Grace is real. She's been around the movement for a long time, doing things—like leading "rap sessions" at the 1996 World Vegetarian Conference on "Loving and Coping with Our Meat Eating Friends and Family," getting thanked in The Vegan Sourcebook—which make sitting in the forest mourning dead trees a plausible followup activity.

This cry-in seems to have been sponsored by Earth First! (or some faction thereof), a group known for taking things too far—like car-bombs-and-puke-ins too far. A little wailing in the woods is nothing to these guys.

Via The Chilling Effect