Republican Convention 2008

Foreign Aid Oil Money Crowd Pleaser


I may have missed one, but inside the Xcel Center it seemed to me the biggest applause moment of the night (other than the bum's rush for the Code Pinkies) came when McCain refused to give billions to "countries that don't like us very much."

I'm in agreement, but who knew this one was at the forefront of everybody's mind? *

* Thanks to Joe for disambiguating me. I was wondering how the foreign aid budget got into that mix, but like McCain I was having a hard time staying awake through the speech.

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  1. He was talking about oil, and energy independence. Not foreign aid.

  2. Way to go joe. I think that may be the first constructive contribution you’ve made since 1/3/07

  3. Tim,

    I thought he was talking about foreign aid, too — and I am in the natural gas biz. Just because he was really talking about oil doesn’t mean the crowd wasn’t cheering for ending aid to “our friends the Saudis.” On second thought, THAT crowd is more than pleased to send $1B to Georgia.

  4. Ah. Good call, Joe. I, too, thought he was talking about foreign aid. Oh well, I suppose we should only give money when there’s no product to be had.

  5. And what better way to stick it to the Saudis than to cut the gas tax. That’ll show ’em.

  6. BTW, politicians don’t dare criticize foreign aid (even though it’s the least popular part of the budget) since a big chunk of it goes to Israel.

  7. He wasn’t talking about foreign aid? Dang, I guess Bob Barr just got my vote back.

  8. He wasn’t talking about foreign aid?

    It’s a shame, too. Foreign aid reform is a big enough issue that either party could pick it up and run with it.

  9. Fine with me. I don’t think we should keep anyone on our support system if they don’t like us very much. I don’t care what it is that he was talking about cutting out. Go ahead, cut it out. Let everyone take care of themselves. I don’t like government handouts for our own citizens much less citizens from other countries.

  10. Buying oil is a hand out?

  11. Its a short thread, but so far joe hasn’t said a single thing I disagree with.

  12. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but it doesn’t make any sense to complain about giving money to the Saudis if you’re going to stick with oil as an energy source. Those guys have the most and the cheapest oil on the planet, and they’ll be selling it when the rest of us have gone completely Mad Max.

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