Civil Liberties

Communists for Corporate Welfare


In India, militant farmers protest eminent domain:

Work at the Indian factory where the Nano, billed as the world's cheapest car, is to be made has been suspended indefinitely amid local opposition.

Tata Motors has decided to look for alternative manufacturing sites after violent protests by farmers in West Bengal where the plant is located.

Farmers want the return of 400 acres of land and their protests have prevented any work at the plant since Friday.

While the masses engaged in direct action, the party that purports to speak for the masses despaired:

The Communist-led coalition in the state described Tata's decision as a "major loss" and described the current protests as "irresponsible".

Elsewhere in Reason: Shikha Dalmia discussed another Indian state's "rampant abuse of its eminent domain powers" in June 2006.