The Sarah Palin Chronicles


The last time I remember writing something about John McCain's vice-presidential pick, she had just recorded some comradely greetings to the Alaskan Independence Party. For those of you who missed it the first time around, here she is again:
Palin doesn't actually endorse secession. Still, consorting with separatists is a welcome contrast with McCain's centralist "national greatness" conservatism. I have my policy differences with Palin, but her western, somewhat anti-statist, vaguely crunchy-con outlook is far preferable to her political partner's perspective. If the election pitted Palin against McCain, I know who I'd be rooting for.

Unfortunately, if Palin's foreign policy instincts differ substantially from McCain's militarism, she has kept those disagreements to herself. (Her kind words for Ron Paul did not, alas, include any comments on Iraq.) That's the sort of issue you can overlook when someone is a mayor or governor, but it's a bit more pressing when just one aneurysm-busting McCain tantrum might be enough to send her to the White House.