Weed Freed As Dems Dither


There may be no shadow convention this year, but medical marijuana believers have taken to the Invesco Field perimeter for a pot blast.

The march for pot brought out a few hundred people, not all of them Democrats. What are they trying to accomplish, given that the Dems' platform makes no mention of medical marijuana or the war on drugs? "The squeaky wheel gets the grease," said one marcher.

Gregg, the guy holding this sign, identified himself as not an Obama supporter, but said he was surprised by the Democrats' dodging of the drug war. "The party's got a lot of lawyers," he said. "The more laws the better for them, the more arrests the better for them."

Susan Squibb says she's marching to point out to the Democrats "not just the right to smoke pot, but the horrendous urine-testing industry, and the imprisoning of non-violent drug offenders, which is a terrible expense for America."

Cheesecake lady, who used to be a stock broker before she became a hippie (of course!) says the party's in the pocket of the pharmaceutical industry. "We don't really have a war on drugs," she said. "We have a war on people thinking for themselves… There's more cocaine on the floor on Wall Street than anywhere else. If the country really wanted to get serious about drugs they'd go after the fatcats at Bear Stearns who got the country into the mess it's in in the first place."

As this indicates, the march was something of a catch-all, with immigration and FISA also coming in for scrutiny. It's all good by me. Fight the power!