w4m: "Let's enjoy the day, see our next President speak and celebrate afterwards"


Craigslist posts for "casual encouters" spiked this week in Denver, coinciding perfectly with the DNC. Compared with the same days in a week earlier this month, the sex-wanted posts were up 80 percent.

Cnet caption: "Casual encounter" ads spiked the week of the Democratic National Convention. But correlation does not, by itself, prove causation. The vertical axis is posts-per-day, and the horizontal axis represents every day of the month to date.

Ads were mostly what you'd expect ("SEXY DNC men in town?"), but a few really put in some special effort for the Dems. My favorite: An enterprising lady who's looking for a little something extra:

I'm downtown today and would love to accompany you tonight's speech and the parties afterward. I'm real. I like sex but I'm not a ho, so please show some respect. I'm 43, 5'6″, slender, brown hair, hazel eyes, hispanic, ex-model.

I could easily meet you for coffee, lunch or drinks to see if we click…if you reply with a pic, I will respond one way or the other. Let's enjoy the day, see our next President speak and celebrate afterwards.

Please only reply if you have an extra ticket, I have plenty of regular dating options here.

Is this the new version of the hallowed "Prostitutes Say Business Is Booming" convention week story?

God bless the geeks at Cnet—they even describe their methodology at the end of this post, in case inquiring minds want to know.