Signs of the Apocalypse…


Barack Obama, employing a version of the George Costanza classic, "It's not you, it's me," telling the American people that really, it's about them, not him.

Barack Obama, liberal standard-bearer, declaring that government can't solve all your problems. And reaching back into his inner-SDS hippie, talking up nuclear energy (as did the Port Huron Statement).

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann musing (as only he can do) that he couldn't find anything to criticize in the speech. And noting that Obama made at least 29 specific policy proposals in the plan (most of which are predicated on the idea that government can indeed solve all your problems, with the possible exception of the ones it causes).

NPR's/Fox News' Juan Williams saying that he thought that Obama "hadn't closed the sale." And The Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol saying that Obama faced super-high expectations and that the candidate had not only met them, but "exceeded them."

Next week's GOP convention, where according to early rumors, the Party of Lincoln will unveil a party platform that attacks immigration and gay marriage.

Which suggests all is still right with the world, and oh-so-damn wrong.