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Obama and Scalia Agree: The 2nd Amendment Doesn't Secure the Right to Wield an AK-47


Did Barack Obama just endorse Justice Scalia's majority opionion in D.C. v. Heller? The opinion did specify that longstanding bans on "unusual" guns won't be affected.

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  1. The “hands of criminals” part gives him wiggle room, but somehow I doubt that he’ll use it.

  2. Semi-auto AK variants are not unusual at all.

  3. I’ll own an AK-47 anyway. Fascists.

  4. Since when is a .30 cal semi-automatic rifle unusual? We have been using them since the 40’s…

    Also, all of Obama’s former firearms positions, statements, and votes have been about keeping arms out of the hands of criminals by restricting access for the law-abiding. Let’s not forget allowing frivolous lawsuits against the manufactures and shutting down all gun shops within a 5 mi radius of a school…

  5. And we all know how well gun control has worked in black neighborhoods in Chicago, Sen. Obama. Just ask all the honor students shot dead by gang bangers since you’ve been in the Senate …

  6. What is it with Libertarians? You seem to have wanted Scalia to list exactly what guns and calibers were protected by the right. Be happy with what the decision covers, which probably would include AK 47s for law abiding people.

    Beyond that, as a conservative person, I don’t want criminals (known felons) having any guns let alone AK 47s.

  7. Well what was the quote?

  8. Obama: Hey, I got an idea! Let’s pass a law banning criminals from owning AK-47s!

    Criminal: Sounds great. That’ll drive up the prices of guns on the black market. I can use the profits to fund my criminal enterprises while still being able to easily get whatever guns I desire. Criminals 4 Obama, yo!

  9. What’s unusual about an AK? They’re a pretty usual sight in my house.

  10. Unusual nothing. The fully automatic AK-47 is the most ubiquitous firearm on the planet.

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