Democratic Convention 2008

"I've Got News for You John McCain"


Barack Obama is giving one hell of a speech. Is it possible that James Carville didn't get the memo, that the Dems have been planning all week for Obama to unleash a can of whup ass on John McCain?


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  1. “Is it possible that James Carville didn’t get the memo, that the Dems have been planning all week for Obama to unleash a can of whoop ass on John McCain?”

    Yeah, that’s it.

  2. Obama’s speech was better than Martin Luther King’s – it went beyond ‘a dream’, it outlined a plan for REALITY AND DECENCY – no longer a dream; no longer something that was in the future, but something is now – goals; achievement, and no longer having to ‘pray’ for good and right.

    It’s true, without MLK, the road would not have been paved, but thank goodness Obama knows when the road is ready; the future is for all, and no one need be left by the side of the road……….

  3. Dear Diane,

    If you lived in Atlanta you would know that Dr. King’s dream has been realized. He’s children are being judged by their character. Obama is just window dressing.

  4. Democrats have been opening whup-ass for two nights. Bill, Brian Sweitzer, Joe Biden, and John Kerry all took him to the woodshed two nights ago.

    Opening up with the soft-focus stuff from Michelle, Hillary’s unity speech the next night, and then onto the meat.

    The McCain campaign sent out a memo on Monday that if the Obama campaign didn’t get a 15-point bounce, the convention was a failure. Obviously, they were trying to set an implausible mark that he could never reach.

    Well…not so much.

  5. That was “whup-ass”? Surrrrrrrrre, go get em libs, errrr arrrrrgh.

  6. You know the Dems are doing well when a harsh conservative critic like joe is impressed.

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