This is My American Nightmare


Doing his part to support hope and change, Dave Stewart (the Eurythmics guitar player, not the A's pitcher) lined up his favorite B-list celebrities to record the "Super Bowl Shuffle" of political anthems. "My American Prayer," an embarrassingly dumb paean to the healing powers of Barack Obama, features such notables as Perez Hilton, that guy who played Mobutu Sese Seko Idi Amin Dada, Whoopi Goldberg, Barry Manilow, Margret Cho, George Costanza, and Joan Baez (though, upon closer inspection, it might actually be Camille Paglia). Bruce Vilanch, it seems, is voting McCain. They join in prayer, karaoke to a Martin Luther King speech, and sing one of the worst "celebrity" songs recorded since the sultans of hair metal battled the disasterous economic policies of Mengistu. It's a skin-crawling, wretch-inducing festival of crappiness. And it must be view to be believed:

Over at the Huffington Post, Stewart explains that the songs lyrics were co-written by Bono, which provides some insight into why they are so god-awful.

The eagle-eyed dance hall music fan will note that the song also features the vocal stylings of Jamaican homophobe Buju Banton, whose song "Boom Bye Bye" advocates shooting gay men in the back of the head because "Rude bwoy no promote no batty man."