Democratic Convention 2008

Say What?


This sentence in the Democratic Party Platform jumped off the page for me (page 37):

            "We will work for pay parity so that compensation for military service is more in line with that of the private sector."

Huh? Let's set aside the question of whether this parity will be based solely on wages or if it will also incorporate the not insignificant non-wage benefits members of the military receive. What I really want to know is, what's the private sector equivalent of a Marine Gunnery Sergeant?

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  1. I could be mistaken, but I think they’re referring to the Blackwater mercenaries.

  2. Here’s a Navy Times editorial explaining (with a pro-raise bias) the history of the so-called(their words) pay gap.

    For other context, a married gunny at lejune with 10 years (living off-base) grosses about $4700 /month or $56K a year. This figure is just base pay + housing and food allowance (the allowances about 1400/mo are not taxed), so does not count any specialty pay or other bonuses.

    OTOH it’s a little over $50K a year to be responsible for literally the lives of yourself and at least 10 other people.

  3. Equivalent to night manager at 7-11.

  4. Equivalent to night manager at 7-11.

    I was going to say bouncer at Hooter’s, but I think you might be more accurate.

  5. “what’s the private sector equivalent of a Marine Gunnery Sergeant?”: uh, yeah, per comment #1, it’s a Blackwater Gunnery Sergeant. Where have you been, d00d?

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