Democratic Convention 2008

Now Playing at Matt Welch Meets the Peoples Press Collective


Reporting from the Democratic Convention in Denver, Editor in Chief Matt Welch talks capitalism, socialism, and democracy with four conservative counter-protestors from the Peoples Press Collective.

Click on the image below to watch this four-minute video shot by's Alexander Manning.


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  1. Ways Reason could get someone to notice that they’re there:

    1. ConventionGirl!

    2. Change section name to “WildWeatherWatch2008!!!”

    3. Fix htaccess file.

    4. Start doing real reporting by asking those who are supposedly Reason’s natural enemies real questions on video and then uploading those videos to a site that features videos.

  2. It sucks that the people defending capitalism are also the people defending Guantanamo here.

  3. torturing islamo faciscts is capitalism…ya that is what capitalism is all about…only a marxist would want to stop torturing and we know Marxism is bad because it kills millions.

  4. dsetruction of the meaning of our words is very important if we are to destroy the ability of people to have intelligent discussions.

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