Democrat Math


Tonight, Sen. Bob Casey (PA) took to the podium at the Democrat Convention, an opportunity his father was famously denied. I realize Sen. Casey doesn't run the risk of being tagged as a modern-day Pericles, but I would have hoped he would have basic math down.

As he wove his take on the theme that a McCain Presidency would be an extension of the Bush Administration, he struck a rhetorical note that we don't want four more years, but just "four more months." This sparked the beginnings of a convention hall chant of "four more months", which pretty quickly petered out.

Someone must have looked at a calendar.

In four months it will be December 26th. The next President is sworn in on January 20, 2009. So, in "four more months", we'll have about one month left for the Bush Administration.

And these people want to set my tax rates?