Michelle Obama: But Really, It's All About Me


Michelle Obama has taken the stage and is already burning the clock by talking about memories of her and her brother Craig.

I don't know how to break this to her, or to the Dems more generally, but this is really about something more than her family, or even her life story (and certainly her parents' lives are interesting and inspiring in various ways).

At least since Cromwell and the Roundheads killed a king and established a republican form of government designed as a sort of anti-spectacle of the court, it hasn't been easy to manage political theatrics in non-aristocratic polities. But this sort of play seems quite played out. As it was when Al Gore pulled a version of it off (and down) back in 2000.

I'm sure I'll hate myself in the morning for saying this, but can't we hear some talk about policies and actual issues, rather than soft-focus appeals (whether from Teddy K or others)?

And can everyone, especially relatives of the guy, stop talking about the pay cut that Obama took by "walking away" from a "big" law firm job? The Obamas are doing quite well, even when book royalties are factored out.