Oh Ziggy, Will the Terrorists Ever Win?


I confess to an unhealthy interest in Ziggy, the rigorously unfunny *sigh* of a comic strip that has darkened the pages of newspapers for decades now. For previous examples of Ziggyania, go here (where Ziggy will blow your mind and make you never want to get email or go to the toilet again) or go here (the latter involving football great Joe Montana, privacy rights, and almost certainly some sort of sexual act that dare not speak its name).

But here is an old Ziggy poster than I stumbled across the other day and can't get out of my mind, and I've already doubled the doses of every prescription and over-the-counter drug I can lay my hands on:

As Silfray Hraka points out, the poster is, by its maker's admission, "suitable for framing." The makers also point out that the poster is on "acid-free" paper, which is a real missed opportunity.

I look at this, and the joy that Ziggy has brought untold hundreds other than me, and think that we may already be living in Robert Nozick's utopia of utopias, where we all get to pick and choose among options we like. Or don't.