Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Third Parties!


The Green Party's Cynthia McKinney, whose campaign has remained justly obscure (ask a random person who the Green candidate is and they'll probably say "Ralph Nader" or "I don't need a free stress test, thanks"), talks about Zimbabwe with… wait for it… the Final Call.

People who don't have title to the land should not be allowed to occupy the land. The title of land can't be granted to those who have stolen the land. Land reform is the issue all over Africa. The issue is land and the land must be free to be settled by the original inhabitants who were removed from that land illegally as a result of colonialism.

Finally, a pro-tyranny, pro-murder presidential candidate! Meanwhile, Ralph Nader almost breaks campaign finance laws because Canadians are the only people left who like him.

After his speech, Mr. Nader called upon Matthew Zawisky, a 28-year-old supporter, to solicit funds. In a bit of barnstorming, Mr. Zawisky asked if an American in the audience would donate $4,600—the maximum amount a U. S. citizen can contribute to presidential campaigns under their country's law.

In exchange for the tiptop gift, Mr. Zawisky said the donor would receive a copy of Mr. Nader's book Unsafe at Any Speed.

When nobody stepped forward, Mr. Zawisky dropped his request to $2,300, then $1,000 and finally $500. As the dollar amounts fell lower and lower—and an uncomfortable silence settled in–Canadians in the crowd began to ask if they could contribute. Mr. Zawisky said donations could only come from Americans. Someone then suggested the crowd give their money to a U. S. citizen, who could then donate it.

Someone did collect the money, then handed it back. Finally, the Democratic governor of Montana quasi-endorses Bob Barr over Obama and McCain.

He said neither is perfect with the National Rifle Association scorecard—McCain has received a "C" and Obama an "F."

The governor said such voters may turn to Libertarian Bob Barr, "if you are absolutely not going to vote for McCain or Obama on guns."

Obama's currently leading in Montana polls that don't include Barr. If Barr were to get the local LP's typical 2 percent, and Obama stays around 49 percent (he's at 48.3 percent now), that's the ball game.