Conventions!: Serving One Nation by Securing a Prosperous Future You Can Believe In


The Politico fills us in on daily themes for both parties' conventions. Enjoy the exercise in compare-and-contrast below:


Democrats: One Nation

Republicans: Service


Democrats: Renewing America's Promise

Republicans: Reform


Democrats: Securing America's Future

Republicans: Prosperity


Democrats: Change You Can Believe In

Republicans: Peace


UPDATE: In the the spirit of the poly- versus monosyllabic showdown above, I offer you Matt Welch's in-depth analysis of the candidates in the 2000 election by way of their answers to questions about baseball. Sample exchange:

"What do you think of domed stadiums?"

"Gore: 'The design and construction of domed stadiums—in Seattle (the Kingdome was the first free-standing current dome ever built), Houston (the Astrodome was the first stadium to use astroturf) and Minnesota (the Metrodome is the only stadium in the USA whose roof is suspended without beams or rods—it's supported by air pressure), for example—have been feats of architectural and engineering excellence. But the real measure of any stadium, domed or otherwise, is how much fun you have inside.'

"Bush: 'I like to go to baseball games outside.'"