Why 2010 May No Longer Only Be Remembered as a Crappy Roy Scheider Movie (Iraq Timetable Edition)


BAGHDAD (AP)—Two Iraqi officials say the U.S. and Iraq are close to a deal under which all American combat troops would leave by October 2010 with remaining U.S. forces gone about three years later. A U.S. official in Washington acknowledges progress has been made on the timelines for a U.S. departure but offered no firm date. Another U.S. official strongly suggested the 2010 date may be too ambitious.

More here, but no details.

It's tempting to say better late than never, but given that I don't think we should have been Iraq in the first place, I'm not going to bother.

Cynical question for a political season: Assume this plan is announced, and soon. How does that affect the presidential race? It was conventional wisdom not so long ago that the Iraq War would be what mattered most to voters, but other concerns seem to have eclipsed that, especially questions about the economy.

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