Bailey on Wisconsin Public Radio at 10:00 am CDT to Talk Energy Policy


Wisconsin reasonoids, I will be on WPR's Kathleen Dunn show to talk about energy policy proposals by Al Gore, John McCain, and Barack Obama.


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  1. Ron, no offense, but there’s really no need to listen to you. I’ll sum up your talk for the other “listeners” here:

    McCain > Gore > Obama, but they’re all bad.

    Let me know if that wrap-up is inaccurate.

  2. Ron, you left out the Paris proposal.

  3. Dammit, that should’ve been Obama > Gore. Or just McCain = Obama = Gore.

  4. I guess coming out in favor of the hysterical-catastrophic-manmade-global-warming-therefore-cede-individual-liberty-to-government position has finally paid off.

    Want a tip for getting more NPR gigs?
    Within some free market sounding rhetoric make sure to mention on air about how “this is a complicated worlwide problem needing worldwide cooperation. Addressing this problem will require some private/public partnership that creates institutions capable of improving global coordination.”

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