Barrwatch: Season of the Witch


I've never seen Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr nailed down on his late-1990s crusade against Wicca on military bases. Not until blogger Ed Brayton found Barr at Netroots Nation and asked him. The answer's of a piece with Barr's other answers on his congressional mis-steps.

He's repudiated and apologized for many of his previous positions and I asked him if he would repudiate his absurd anti-Wiccan crusade of 1999, when he wanted all Wiccans banned from the military. He said yes, with a bit of hemming and hawing.

He said that he had reports from several military leaders that Wiccans doing rituals on military bases were causing problems and that's why he did what he did, but that since that time it's become clear that there are no problems with allowing Wiccans to serve and to practice their religion on military bases like any other religion.

I'll be interviewing Barr today for a long reason feature. If there's anything you haven't heard him asked before, and you want to know it, put it in the comments. (I'm going to stay away from horse race and "spoiler" stuff.)