Rhymin' and Stealin'


I missed this story a week ago, so someone else has probably beaten me to the movie rights.

On Memorial Day 1994, [Tamien] Bain and two other young men were thinking of robbing a bank, when they decided at the last minute to hold up a Miami McDonald's instead.

No shots were fired during the robbery. But Bain, the youngest of the three defendants, was caught on the spot and later charged as an adult.

In prison, however, Bain channeled his energy into his music. His talent for stringing lyrics together won him numerous prizes in prison talent shows, he said.

Now 29 and known in hip-hop circles as "BAiNG The Locksmith," Bain, of Miami, learned this week he's made the top five in McDonald's BIG MAC chant competition.

Bain lost, and frankly, he deserved to. If you listen to the track here, you'll find a mish-mash of elements that don't really work: soul piano, scratching, sampled horns. And the hook of "Big Mac, Big Mac, I'ma get me one/Big Mac, Big Mac, this is how I come" is less commercially savvy than runner-up Quincy M's "I want a Big Mac today/with some fries and a shake."

It seems important now to link this.

Via Consumerist.