"You Are One Ugly Mother- [Edited for Television]"


The Sonny Landham era—what heaven it was—may be coming to an end. Kentucky Libertarians, understandably displeased at becoming a bunch of laughing stocks, are trying to end the Predator actor's candidacy for Senate.

In a nine-to-nothing vote, the party decided to withdraw its support of Landham. This means the party will not have a candidate in the November election. Last week, Landham publicly remarked that Arabs should not be allowed to travel to the United States. He said Arabs should not be in America's schools, and he said the United States should have bombed Saudi Arabia, Syria, and other Arab nations.

Here's what Landham said. A highlight:

Todd Barnett [Boston Tea Party Vice Chair]: Where I disagree, Sonny,
is the language that you use. Um–

Sonny Landham: What language is that, sir?

Todd Barnett [Boston Tea Party Vice Chair]: Well you refer to Arabs,
all Arabs as camel dung-shovelers, sir. And you–

Sonny Landham: Well would you prefer that I use rag-heads or camel jockeys?

The bad news is that Kentucky's Secretary of State (a Republican) isn't letting the LP off.

Now the choices are either: (1) the party can submit its petition in early August and have Landham listed as a Libertarian; (2) the party can submit its petition in the middle of August, which will mean that the petition will only be valid for president and vice-president, but not U.S. Senator (the deadline for the presidential and vice-presidential candidate is in early September, but the deadline for all other office is in early August). In that case Landham won't be on the ballot at all.

It's tragic. Predator actors who want to go into politics should wait until after they're elected to start howling at the moon.