Et Tu, Agarwalla Brothers?


In anticipation of getting bent over the witness stand by Hasbro and Mattel, the Agarwalla brothers shut down their most beloved product today:

In a statement, creators Rajat and Jayant Agarwalla said they agreed to block Scrabulous in the United States and Canada in deference to Facebook's concerns, while continuing to pursue their legal defense. Rajat Agarwalla, describing the measures as "unfortunate," declined further comment.

Facebook said the Agarwalla brothers, not the company, made the decision.

Perhaps the Agarwallas are pretending to acquiesce, allowing their fans to rip Hasbro a new one? The Facebook group "Save Scrabbulous" has 46,198 members as of this writing, several hundred of whom have already publicly complained on the group's "wall." 

I wrote about Hasbro's idiocy last week, here.