Russia to Emo Kids: I'll Give You Something to Pine About


Driven to the brink of unhappiness by repeated listenings of "Sowing Season," by Brand New, the members of Russia's Duma are mulling over legislation to ban emo and gothic dress in public schools and government buildings. And the emo kids? Well, they're not gonna take it:

The weekend saw mass protests by Russian emo kids.

In Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, where laws are already being implemented, protestors in a march held signs saying "A Totalitarian State Encourages Stupidity".

Dmitry Gilevich of Russian emo band MAIO stepped in backing the protests, saying: "Expressing psychological emotions is not forbidden by law."

Why does the whole world hate psychological emotions?

Managing Editor Jesse Walker wrote about anti-emo pogroms here.

Hat tip to Emo Paul @ TFS blog.