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Perez Hilton Hates Sharing the Spotlight


I hate sharing the spotlight

It seems that even bloggers who routinely skirt the Digital Millenium Copyright Act have a place in their hearts for intellectual property rights. Mario Lavandeira, the founder and host of Perezhilton.com is suing Elizabeth Silver-Fagan, the founder and host of Perezrevenge.com, for "cybersquatting and deceptive trade practices," according to Joseph Menn at the Los Angeles Times.

While there may be some small, innocuous truth to the deception claim (both sites ooze hot pink graphics), Perezrevenge.com isn't cybersquatting on Perezhilton.com. From Nolo:

Cybersquatting means registering, selling or using a domain name with the intent of profiting from the goodwill of someone else's trademark. It generally refers to the practice of buying up domain names that use the names of existing businesses with the intent to sell the names for a profit to those businesses.

The folks at Perezrevenge.com seem to be using their space, rather than holding it for ransom. They also have a slightly different business model, in that they steal photos, report celebrity journalism, and attack Lavandaeira's site, rather than just steal photos and draw semen on them. And by attacking Lavandeira's site, they're supplementing—not replacing—his product, and possibly even driving traffic his way.

Regardless, Lavandeira claims the following in his suit (full pdf):

[The] Defendants deceive the public and create the impression that www.perezrevenge.com emanates from, originates from, is associated with and/or is otherwise endorsed by Lavandeira which results in lost sales and severe damage to Lavandeira's reputation and goodwill.

Damage to his reputation and goodwill? The semen guy? The one with the blue/blond/strawberry hair? Seriously? Lavandeira doesn't have an ethical leg to stand on. His job entails pirating other people's work and then begging them not to sue him. His copyright page says as much:

All images on perezhilton.com are readily available in various places on the Internet and believed to be in public domain. Images posted are believed to be posted within our rights according to the U.S. Copyright Fair Use Act. [Emphasis added]

Where, then, does Lavandeira get off suing someone for doing to his work what he does to the works of hundreds of celebrity photographers? I wouldn't be surprised if it came out that this was a way for Lavandeira to boost traffic to his site ("Perez Hilton Admits Lawsuit Attempt Slutty and Silly"). Publicity stunt or no, I'm crossing my fingers that his attempt at abusing the court system to stifle a competitor comes back and bites him in the ass, much as it did Violet Blue when Boing Boing secretly took down all her guest posts and links after the supposedly anti-DMCA Blue sued an up and coming porn star for "stealing" her totally original name.

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  1. His real name is Mario Laundromat?

  2. From this thing’s site:

    Brad Pitt’s halo has lost a little of its shine.

    Poppa Pitt was spotted driving a golf cart with the adorable Shiloh ON HIS LAP.

    Daddy and his little girl were not wearing seat belts or helmets.

    Not safe!

    Click here to see the pictures!

    Brad should know better!

    Daddy, Shiloh Pax and Maddox were enjoying a family day out at a quad bike track in Miraval when the golf cart pix of Brad and Shiloh were snapped.

    Angie must be pissed!

    Urge to kill rising…

  3. Why kill him? You’d be doing him a favor. I can’t even imagine what level of hell his life is like.

  4. Do golf carts even have seatbelts???

  5. Do golf carts even have seatbelts???

    I dunno for sure, but I would not be a bit surprised if they were mandated in California.

  6. I was going to comment on the story, but I just can’t care about cybersquatting if I live in a world where Brad Pitt doesn’t make sure his children have their seat belt on in a golf cart.

  7. Caption Contest!

    What’s red and green and rolls, rolls, rolls?

  8. jeez, what a pig

  9. Fugly.

  10. No matter how hard I try, I just cannot care about this at all.

    Also, I have never seen a golf cart that had seat belts.

  11. Caption Contest!

    While Lucky certainly was less stressed now that the county had began enforcing the restraining order against the kids, the absence of physical exertion and increased caloric intake that accompanined his new-found cereal security began to take their toll…

  12. Caption Contest!

    The Lucky Charms Leprechaun has really let himself go.

  13. Lenny from Mice and Men back from his day at the spa!

  14. Pretty rich coming from a guy who not only uses others’ photographs without permission (and has a totally incomprehensible and wrong concept of the “public domain”) but who also is arguably trading on the goodwill of others in both his current (perezhilton.com) and former (pagesixsixsix.com) domain names.

  15. He has a purse.

  16. His real name is Mario Laundromat?

    My gringo spanish thought it would be translated as “Mario Pale-Tint-of-Violet Store” which seems to be as appropriate as James Brown (but not Barry White)

  17. Caption Contest

    The Jolly Green Giant was happy to talk about Sprout, but when his other son, Bruce, was mentioned his rage was palpable.

  18. trading on the goodwill of others in both his current (perezhilton.com) and former (pagesixsixsix.com) domain names.

    Ding ding ding! Yep.

  19. I think Mario’s image is getting tarnished these days. His attempt at breaking into television was a ratings nightmare (VH1), his newly formed clothing line venture is another sure miss—-and that absolutely brilliant site, Perezrevenge, is starting to undermine his bread and butter gossip blog. His demise, I await, with glee.

  20. I hope Mario dies of AIDS soon,he is utter scum as is his PUTA mother!

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