The Obama Files


It probably doesn't need reiterating that Jesse Jackson's desire to surgically remove Barack Obama's testicles for the sin of "talking down to black people" will certainly not hurt—and most likely help—the Democratic nominee's campaign. And one can safely assume this is probably one of Jackson's more banal comments regarding Obama's recent "be a father to your child" finger-wagging. Robert Smigel, creator of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and the brilliant-but-cancelled show TV Funhouse, addressed presciently the potential conflicts Obama would have with old guard black leaders:

From the where are they now file: Sista Souljah, from Obergruppenfuehrer in the S1W army to novelist.

Bonus video: Jackson, bedecked in a Lord Mayor of Belfast medallion, on Sesame Street telling an assembled group of children that, despite their dependency on welfare, they are indeed somebody.