Seemed a Good Idea to Drop a Bomb on the Wasteland


Sarah Lai Stirland reports on Accountability Now, a left-right effort to raise money for campaigns against congressfolk who voted the wrong way on FISA. And guess where the political muscle is coming from?

Key to the new effort are consultants Trevor Lyman and Rick Williams, whose successful online money-raising effort for Ron Paul, the libertarian-leaning Texas congressman, broke records last year. The pair masterminded a "moneybomb" drive called "This November 5th" that brought in an unprecedented $4.2 million in contributions in a single day. A repeat effort in December raised another $6 million for Paul.

Now the pair have built a web page for Accountability Now where opponents of the spy bill can commit in advance to donating money to the PAC. Similar to the Ron Paul drives, netizens can grab Accountability Now badges to place on their blogs, which link back to the fundraising pledge page.

Sort of answers Markos Moulitsas's question about "where the libertarians are" on this issue.