Vince Miller, RIP


The longtime libertarian activist Vince Miller, father of the International Society for Individual Liberty, has died. I only met him a couple of times, so I don't have much to say—just that ISIL does good work, he seemed like a nice guy, and I'm sad to hear he's dead. Rest in peace.

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  1. I was privileged to know and work with Vince Miller. He, and Libertarian International, were the right choice to merge with Society for Individual Liberty in 1989. Vince, ably assisted by Jim Elwood, carried out valuable work in promoting libertarianism around the world. More U.S. libertarians need to know about, and support, this work. (see

    In Denver, Vince and I excitedly discussed plans to re-vitalize ISIL’s role in U.S. libertarian activity, most especially through support of campus organizations. We discussed the idea of a “Summit Meeting” of national libertarian organizations (similar to the one held in 1978) to network together, promote project efficiency, and build a grassroots community and campus movement.

    The ISIL Board is dedicated to carrying on Vince’s life work and making ISIL a monument to his commitment. Seldom do we see such commitment combined with an affable personality and organizational expertise.
    The Movement will miss Vince immeasurably, but we will persevere.

  2. I also knew Vince a very long time ago–back in the late sixties/early seventies when I was running what I think was the first libertarian-ish organization in Toronto (an offshoot of an Objectivist study group). Since then I’ve seen his name around and noted his involvement, which was way more than mine. We talked once ten-twelve years ago, but never kept up. Sorry I never got a chance to talk more. I’m glad ISIL is still going strong.

  3. In fact, Vince was working with us at LIO on a set of e-groups for our new Libertarian Club project using the standard platform we’ve tested, and co-related reading and example lists.

    We will miss Vince’s guidance and encouragement, but look forward to these groups serving as permanent helps for ISIL and other local projects.

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