Attn. SoCal Reasonoids: Listen to KPCC-FM 89.3 Tonight to Hear All Things McCained


The flagship of Southern California Public Radio is broadcasting an hour-long excerpt from a talk I gave in May to Zocalo L.A. about the Republican presidential nominee. You can listen to a live stream at that address, and I'm sure the archive will go up soon.

Speaking of my SoCal swing, I neglected to link to Part VIII (of VIII) from my video interview with L.A. Times blogger Andrew Malcolm. So here it is, complete with links to the first seven segments.

And finally, on this celebratory weekend, when the National Mall (at least when I visited it in the early afternoon of July 4) is a refuse-choked filthbucket of empty plastic bottles, dirty diapers on the grass, and meathead semi-law enforcement drones busy forcing you off what few sidewalks and street corners aren't already randomly blocked off, perhaps you need a patriotic refresher course from our esteemed presidential candidates. So, thanks to the indispensable Parade magazine, here it is.